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Recording for "New Year"...in the bathroom

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

My new year began, funnily enough, by working on a film entitled New Year. Directed by Rory Waudby-Tolley, with whom I have previously worked on the excellent Mr. Madila, this animated short required a little choral music. I can honestly say I rarely have as much fun working on a film as I did with this one! With Rory asking for "an English\Catholic hymn style" of music, I was right at home and had a ball in throwing some music together for the lyrics Rory had come up with.

I was very luck that John Pitcathley and Des McLean, conductor and organist of the Motherwell Diocesan Choir, allowed me to steal a little of their rehearsal time to record the choir singing my little ditty. I was foolish enough to forget to take a picture or video of them during the recording, however I did manage to get a video of some recording in a slightly more intimate venue...

"Why the bathroom?!" I hear you cry. Well the simple answer is that my flat overlooks a main road and the windows aren't particularly well insulated from the noise, meaning the rest of the flat was too noisy to allow a decent enough recording. The bathroom, however, doesn't have any windows so it was nice and quiet. Plus, there was the added bonus of a lovely reverb from all those reflective surfaces! Huge thanks to the lovely Jen Phee for doing a cracking job with the solo vocals.

The film isn't yet available online but I'll be sure to share it here when it is :)

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