• Paul Devlin

Real Voices Tooting's First Gig

Since April I have been working with phenomenally talented Becky Chalmers in leading the latest Real Voices choir, based in Tooting. The Tooting choir have been going from strength to strength since starting from scratch back in April and have been building towards our first formal gig, scheduled for December 10th.

I fair enjoyed the first formal gig with Real Voices Tooting!

A lot of prep (and a hell of a lot of mulled wine!) went into this concert and on the night the audience turned up, the band turned up and boy...did the choir turn up! A brilliant sound and a brilliant gig all round. Despite only working with Becky and with Real Voices for a short time, my heart was very heavy at leaving this wonderful group. Real Voices are expanding and are aiming to start a choir in Clapham in the new year. If you are in south London and looking to join a choir singing contemporary pop there is really only one option..Real Voices!

More info here - http://www.realvoices.co.uk

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