• Paul Devlin

"Dreaming Whilst Black" World Premiere!

After months of hard work from all the team, the world premiere of 4 Quarter Films' "Dreaming Whilst Black" was on Sunday at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

The first three episodes were premiered at the same time as being made available online, with further episodes to follow over the coming weeks. Reaction among the audience was very positive, with a lot of laughs during the screening and a lot of interesting questions asked during the Q&A with the filmmakers afterwards.

Me and three of the four quarters of 4 Quarter Films; Adjani Salmon, Laura Sexias and Maximilian Evans.

It was so much fun working on this project; a great project that has so many laugh-out-loud moments! The various cues written for the episodes took in a rather eclectic mix of styles and each cue was an adventure into a new genre. And scoring the opening cue in a big band style was such fun from start to finish, and really brought to life by some brilliant live players.

The first episode, as well as links to further episodes in the series can be viewed below.

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